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Dr. Susanne Friese, qualitative research expert, founder of Qeludra

Expert in
Research Methods



Dr. Susanne Friese, qualitative research expert, founder of Qeludra

As a recognized authority in qualitative research methods, Dr Susanne Friese has authored numerous books, book chapters, and papers.

Being dubbed the Max Verstappen of her field, she brings over 30 years of experience and has provided guidance and training to individuals at many organizations and universities worldwide.


In her continuous pursuit of innovation, she actively engages with emerging tools in generative AI, systematically exploring and evaluating their potential to enhance qualitative research methodologies.


She is a well-received speaker, trainer, data analyst and author. Proficient in German, English, and Dutch, she effectively communicates in multiple languages.

Dr. Susanne Friese teaching qualitative research methods

Dr. Friese offers engaging and informative workshops covering a range of topics essential to qualitative research.


These workshops include Interviewing for Qualitative Research, Fokus Group Moderation, and Qualitative Data Analysis, where participants gain hands-on experience with popular software tools such as MAXQDA, ATLAS.ti, or Quirkos.

Stay updated with the cutting-edge advancements in qualitative data analysis by learning from Dr. Friese herself, who also shares insights into the latest applications of AI tools in this field.


Whether you require assistance with your analysis or prefer to entrust the entire process of data collection and analysis to an expert, Dr. Friese can be your ideal partner. With her extensive expertise and experience, she can provide invaluable support tailored to your specific needs.


Her latest publication: How qualitative data analysis software supports the analysis of social media brand communities and consumer engagement,

Book cover: Advances In Brand Semiotics and discourse analysis. book chapter written by Dr. Susanne Friese

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Dr.Susanne Friese speaking at a conference on qualitative marketing research
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